A Brief About Kidney Transplant

A Brief About Kidney Transplant


Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our bodies and kidney disorders can damage these organs causing problems in the body. Kidneys are extremely important organs as they help filter blood to get rid of waste products, keep the electrolytes, balance the water content, secrete several essential hormones, and more.


Kidney disorders like chronic kidney disease hamper the normal function of these organs causing the build-up of waste materials and excess fluid which damages the kidney over time. It is important to visit the best nephrologist in Siliguri to get the best treatments for these conditions as continued damage to the kidneys can lead to kidney failure.


When a person's kidney fails or is at the last stage it cannot be treated into a healthy kidney using medication. A kidney transplant is the only treatment that can help replace the failing organ for a healthy life. A kidney transplant is a process or treatment where a healthy kidney taken from a donor is placed instead of the kidney that no longer functions properly.


As mentioned before kidneys can lose 90% of their ability to function normally which causes end-stage renal disease. Some of the common causes of this disorder can include Polycystic kidney disease, diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, and chronic glomerulonephritis.


Kidney transplant is the preferred treatment for kidney failure as it is a better choice when compared to dialysis. This process helps treat chronic kidney disease and offers a better quality of life, lower risk of death, lower cost, and fewer eating restrictions. This process also has its risk so it's better to carefully consult the top nephrologist in Siliguri to fully understand the process.


Kidneys used for transplantation can come from many places including living or deceased donors, family members, friends, and others who qualify to donate kidneys. Donors are carefully screened and evaluated to make sure they're a perfect match and healthy which helps prevent complications or problems.


However, there are a few things that can make a person ineligible for a kidney transplant. Some of those things include a short life expectancy, recurring infections, major health problems that make it dangerous to have surgery, drug use, alcohol abuse, and some other problems. The transplant surgery takes about two to four hours to complete and people stay at the hospital for about 3 days after it.


If you have any symptoms or are suffering from any kind of kidney condition then it is important to visit the best nephrologist in Siliguri to get the best care. A good doctor can offer you the best medical counseling with expert diagnosis and quality care to keep you and your kidneys healthy.  

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