Changing Pain Into Progress

Changing Pain Into Progress


A person with chronic kidney disease needs to undergo constant tests and diagnosis to make sure there is no progression in the condition. It is believed that various methods can be adopted for the slow progression of CKD enabling patients to live longer and reduce the pain and complications. Nephrologists in Siliguri work on the various risks of CKD and how they can help their patients lead a less painful and healthy life with various treatment and lifestyle strategies.

Table of content:

1. Various treatment procedures

2. Lifestyle changes

3. Medical management

Various treatment procedures

According to the Nephrologist in Siliguri, there are several ways a patient with CKD can use for the slow progression of the condition and reduce the risks that are related to CKD. These are:

  • Nutritional interventions and care
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medical management helps the patient control blood pressure, blood glucose, and reduce albuminuria.

Even with such methods, the condition may still not show any kind of progress which is when it is important to monitoring for associated problems that may arise due to CKD. These may include:

  • Cardiovascular diseases and dyslipidemia
  • Anemia due to low iron stores
  • Malnutrition
  • Mineral and bone disorders
  • Depression and deterioration of mental health

Lifestyle changes

The various lifestyle changes a patient can adopt to reduce the pain and lead to progress in their condition require the careful following of the plan that a Nephrologist in Siliguri provides. These include test plans, risk factors controlling instructions, and other essential information.

You need to remember some of the practices and make them your daily habit like:

  • Keep your blood pressure under control at all times.
  • Patients with Stage 3 CKD or above need to limit phosphorous in their diet. It is advised to not have foods such as meat, sodas, and processed foods.
  • You need to avoid taking painkillers. If the pain is excruciating contact your doctor.
  • Avoid a high protein diet which puts a lot of pressure on the kidney filter which over time may get damaged due to this.
  • If you have diabetes keep it under check and try to maintain the normal blood sugar rate.
  • Maintain your weight. Limit high fat, fried foods, and desserts. Obesity can be the cause of heart diseases or high blood pressure which is problematic for a patient with CKD.
  • Start following an exercise routine and do light forms of exercise to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically. It may include walking, basic exercises, and more. Do not strain yourself though.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol, and intake of large amount of caffeine.

Medical management

Medical assistance and proper diagnosis is an important factor that can control CKD of a patient from getting worse. Nephrologist in siliguri tends to provide treatment for all possible risks and problems to their patients with the best consultation. They make sure the patient is following regular test plans and checking their other parameters like blood pressure regularly. Instructions for better health are given and they make sure to be available at all times for their patients.

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