Concept Of Hemodialysis

Concept Of Hemodialysis


Healthy kidneys are automatically flash out waste from your blood and excess fluid through urine. When your kidneys become impotent to work on their own, doctors go for hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a medical practice to clean your blood by using a dialysis machine along with a filter known as “artificial kidney” or dialyzer to rectify electrolyte imbalance. This procedure is used to handle both acute and chronic kidney failure. If you are dealing with kidney complications you should visit a nephrologist. The Nephrologists in Siliguri are one of the best leading specialists in West Bengal and India as well.

The nephrologists in Siliguri are the highly trained and experienced experts to provide you with comprehensive and advanced treatment in this regard.

Table of Content: 

  • Dialyzer to Clean Your Blood
  • Where is Hemodialysis is Execute?
  • How Long Will Each Dialysis Last?
  • Is Hemodialysis Able to Cure Kidney Complications?

Dialyzer to Clean Your Blood

A dialyzer or a filer divided into two parts that are – one for your blood and the next one is for cleaning extra fluid. It is an artificial filter that contains fine fibers, these fibers are vacant with microscopic holes in the wall. To flash out all the toxins during this procedure a particular dialysis fluid enters through the filter and starts cleaning.  Because of the semipermeable dialysis membrane, all the toxins with the wastes pass through the membrane.

Where is Hemodialysis is Execute?

Hemodialysis can be executed in a hospital or particularly in a dialysis center. Your nephrologist will suggest what would be preferable for you looking at your condition. You can also cite your preference to your doctor in this regard.

How Long Will Each Dialysis Last?

Hemodialysis is generally done 3 times a week takes about 4 hours for each setting. Your nephrologist will tell you based on your medical condition that how much treatment is required for you. Data have shown that taking the right amount of dialysis reforms your overall health, keeps you away from visiting the hospital, and gives you a healthy long life. The dialysis care team may use URR that is the urea reduction ratio or the next measure which is called Kt/V.

Is Hemodialysis Able to Cure Kidney Complications?

Kidney complications and kidney failure do not occur overnight. People may not experience the signs of kidney complications early on, but later on, symptoms may begin showing up. There are multiple reasons regarding kidney failure, the most common among them are high blood pressure and diabetes. It happens when:

GFR falls below fifteen,

Kidneysdon’t function properly to keep you living.

85 to 90% of kidney function goes off.

When the kidneys fail to function in the right way, the levels of creatinine in the blood increase, making your GFR down. People may experience vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, muscle cramps, etc. But with treatment prescribed by your nephrologist can bring you out of the situation towards a better life. Hemodialysis is a proven treatment to cure patients suffering from kidney failure.


People always confuse kidney failure with death, but this is not something obvious to happen to everyone. Taking an expert's suggestion is always best than thinking about all the negative outcomes that even may not come. Visit top nephrologists in Siliguri, that can amplify the goodness of your health.


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