Natural Preventive Measures For Kidney Stone

Natural Preventive Measures For Kidney Stone


Kidney stones are becoming a common problem these days that welcome pain and give bad experience to a person over time. Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the human body and need proper care with the time. People fear about such occurrence and met with the operation but negligence from your end might indulge more risk and critical consequences in future. Kidney doctor in Siliguri come up with some of the natural preventive measures to take care of your health and here we would like to highlight some of the tips given by the doctor to stay away from the adverse effect of kidney stones. So, if you are facing problem with pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, and blood in the urine then you must implement such measures into your daily life to get relief from the ill effects of kidney stone. 

Natural Ways to reduce the risk of forming a kidney stone

Stay Hydrated

Keeping the body hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent kidney stones so you need to drink plenty of water or fluids to increase the volume of stone-forming substances in urine and reduces the chances of crystallizing. The fluids include the intake of water along with wine, beer, and orange juices. But avoid consuming soda and drinks that contain sugar and artificially sweetened products. Staying hydrated is good as it helps the kidney to function well by reducing the risk of kidney stones.

Intake more critic acid

Fruits and vegetables that are organically rich in citric acid are good for reducing the chances of kidney stones. Lemons are mostly welcome in the list that genuinely prevents the formation of kidney stone and stone enlargement. The intake of citric acid can help to pass these crystals before they turn into large stones. But if you are already carrying stones in your kidney then it is better to consult with a kidney doctor in Siliguri for getting better results.

Say no to foods high in oxalates

Oxalic acid is available in some anti-nutrient food that includes many plant food, green leafy vegetables, fruits and cocoa. Even the body produces a certain amount of oxalates which increases the percentage of oxalate excretion in urine and proves to be problematic for people for the formation of kidney stone. Though the food rich in oxalates are healthy for the body but not recommended for people who have issues related to kidney.

Get enough Calcium

It is always better to research the facts regarding the prevention of kidney stone because there is a misconception about the intake of calcium inside the body. But recent studies and researches prove that diet containing 1,200 mg of calcium per day including dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt prevent the formation of kidney stone. Kidney doctor in Siliguri recommends the intake minimum of 1,000 mg calcium per day to lower the risk of kidney stone.

Cut down the intake of salt in your diet

Extra salt in your plate is a bit risky for the formation of stone inside the kidney because sodium is a component of salt and counted as one of the main risk factors behind kidney stones. There should be guidelines recommended for people to consume salt in the right proportion instead of increasing the amount. Avoid consuming packaged and processed foods to cut down the amount of salt intake in your diet.

These natural ways will help you to lower down the danger of kidney stone and leading a healthy life because when the kidney functions well, you will automatically stay away from the fear of kidney stone. A kidney doctor in Siliguri is always ready for helping you in this regard.

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