What is Diabetic Nephropathy?

What is Diabetic Nephropathy?


You must have heard about the connection of kidney problems and diabetes. The terminology of the connection is called diabetic nephropathy. It is the condition that causes severe complications in the kidneys due to a complex diabetic condition. The process of kidney damage is usually a long-term complexity and shows its effects gradually with time. In any such case of diabetes or its onset of kidney-related symptoms, you must immediately consult the best kidney doctor in Siliguri.

The signs and symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy is initially asymptomatic in the initial phase. However, as the conditions intensifies, you might notice these signs by your physiological process.

  • Weight loss
  • Poor appetite or feeling sick
  • Swollen ankles and feet
  • Puffiness around the eyes
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Muscle cramps
  • Urge to urinate more often
  • Nausea and fatigue
  • Difficulty to focus

Are you facing any of these signs, do not worry! Book your appointment with the best kidney doctor in Siliguri.

What causes Diabetic Nephropathy?

The condition can be extracted to one major cause. The neglected attitude towards the diabetic conditions that might lead to worsening situations. If an individual is nor taking the right kind of care while going through diabetic issues. If it is not taken care properly then the problem gets extend till the kidneys and hinder their normal functions. The basic working of the kidneys is to filter the excess fluid and toxic waste materials from the blood through the urine. During negligence of diabetes, the diabetic nephrology is usually driven by the damage of the blood vessels of the kidney. The diabetes if not treated can cause the blood vessels to refrain from their primary function.

Treatment and Prevention

There are several urine and blood tests that are carried out to diagnose the diabetic nephropathy. The levels of albumin and glomerular filtration rate are evaluated for detecting the diabetic nephropathy. However, according to the best kidney doctor in Siliguri, there are a few prevention tips for avoiding worse cases.

  • Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. You diet plays the most important role in controlling your diabetes and therefore your kidneys.
  • Keep a check on your weight
  • Practice a session of exercises, yoga or even walks are considered very beneficial in preventing any complications in health
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and too much added sugar
  • Lastly, get yourself regularly checked with the specialist

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