Dialysis - Things You Should Know

Dialysis - Things You Should Know


Dialysis - Things You Should Know

What Is Dialysis?

Your kidneys play an importable role for filtering waste from the blood. A medical treatment to remove the wastes and excess fluid from your blood is known as dialysis. Dialysis allows you to live a productive life even if your kidneys don’t function properly.

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What Are The Types Of Dialysis?

There are mainly 2 types of dialysis:

·       Haemodialysis

Haemodialysis is a process where blood is purified with a machine called dialyzer or "artificial kidney" outside the body. After purification, the blood is returned to the body. It generally occurs at the last stage of CKD. Haemodialysis can be done at home at the comfort of your own home with slightly different equipments. Whereas,  if you opt for an in-centre haemodialysis at a kidney hospital in Siliguri, your purification process will be taken place in the supervision of a care team.

·       Peritoneal Dialysis:

Peritoneal dialysis gets its name from peritoneum, i.e., the lining of your abdomen. This process uses the lining of your abdomen to filter waste from your body. The dialysed fluid is circulated into your abdominal cavity using a machine called a cycler. Much like haemodialysis, this process can also be done either at home or at a kidney centre.

Do I need dialysis?

Dialysis is generally done to cure CKD or chronic kidney disease. If you are in the early phase of CKD you might not necessarily need a dialysis. You must know that chronic kidney disease may last for years. But if you kidneys give in completely, you will have to choose between a dialysis and a kidney transplant. However, the kidney hospitals in Siliguri are ideal for a diagnosis to be aware of the status of your kidney health.

When Is The Right Time To Start Dialysis?

According to the guidelines of National kidney foundation you are recommended to start dialysis as soon as your kidney function falls to a 15% or less. In case you have symptoms of kidney malfunction, such as chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle cramps, lower abdominal pain or a feeling of nausea, you should go for a diagnosis first, afterwards if are detected with a kidney disease, you must consider dialysis at the earliest. Since kidney disease goes easily unnoticed, some doctors feel that getting started with a dialysis in the early phase of CKD may delay the onset of Kidney Failure. Top urologists at the kidney hospitals in Siliguri will be able to guide you through the entire medical process.

Will My Kidneys Get Better If I Start A Regular Dialysis?

The chance of a recovery depends upon which stage of kidney disease are you in. To understand better, there are two categories of kidney failure: (a) acute kidney failure and (b) chronic kidney failure. An acute or sudden kidney failure is not permanent. Often the kidneys stop functioning properly due to a sudden stress or a dramatic change in one's lifestyle. The good news is that there is a chance of recovery in this case. On the flip side, if you have chronic kidney failure, the recovery is slow but with patience and by following strictly the guidelines of the doctors at the kidney hospitals in Siliguri, you may expect a better kidey health.

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