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Kidneys are the most important organs in the human body that regulate water and remove wastes from the body. In recent time, people are facing problem with kidney diseases and look forward to search solution for taking care of them. Kejriwal Stone Clinic comes with latest treatment procedure in the city and considered to be the first and the best kidney hospital in Siliguri. Before going for the treatment procedures, it is essential to understand the importance of kidneys towards the normal body function of an individual. The time your body contains the correct amount of water, the kidney regulates the percentage of water and filters the excess water from the body which help the body to maintain the chemical balance.

Latest treatment procedure at Kidney Hospital in Siliguri

On the other hand, kidneys are responsible for making urine to remove the toxins and waste elements from the body. Proper kidney function will help the body to hold useful substances like protein and glucose. Moreover, the importance of kidney can be better understood by focusing on the function where the bean-shaped organ controls the level of minerals such as sodium and potassium in the bloodstream. By producing the red blood cells, your kidneys help to improve the bone health and balance the blood pressure. A regular visit to the hospital in Siliguri will help you to overcome the kidney diseases and finding the right way of treatment.

Know more about Kidney Diseases at Hospitals in Siliguri

The diseases get worse over time and that makes it important to know the consequences and symptoms of kidney diseases by visiting the hospital in Siliguri. By consulting with the doctor and identifying reasons for dialysis you can protect the body from adverse effect and dysfunction. Dialysis is a treatment procedure that purifies and filter the blood with various techniques and medication. Let's highlight the types of kidney diseases.

Chronic kidney disease

Advanced Medical Procedure for Chronic Kidney disease

One of the most common types of kidney disease is chronic kidney diseases that mostly happen due to high blood pressure. The increase of blood pressure in the body is not good for glomeruli which cleanses the blood. The high blood pressure deteriorates the kidney function and affects the function. It is important to go for dialysis where the medical procedure removes the extra fluid from the blood and help the person from the adverse circumstances.

Kidney Stones

Successfull removal of Kidney Stones

Mostly Indians are facing this problem where minerals and other substances in the blood crystallize the kidney and form stones inside it. Unhealthy food habit, drinking too much coffee and lack of water causes kidney stones. Generally, the kidney stones come out from the body through urination and the causes of extreme pain and other significant problem. Kidney hospital in Siliguri provides effective measures and treatment procedures for kidney stones. It is better to take precautionary measures to stay away from such painful kidney diseases.


The glomerulus is the network of small blood vessels found at the beginning of a nephron in the kidney. These vessels are effective in filtering the blood. Inflammation or infection in the blood vessels can cause Glomerulonephritis. According to the experts it often gets better on its own and can be treated with the advancement of medical science. Drinking enough water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be the best way to fight with such kidney diseases.

Urinary tract infections

Taking care of Urinary tract infections

The kidney is responsible for the improvement of the urinary system where the toxic elements and wastes are removed from the body through urine. Bacterial infections in the urinary system including bladder and urethra are most common during UTI. Kidney hospital in Siliguri makes it easy to treat such issues which rarely lead to any serious health problem. But negligence from your end can lead to spread of the infection and cause kidney failure.

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Kejriwal stone clinic is the best kidney hospital in Siliguri and is dedicated to offering high-quality medical care to patients with kidney ailments. With a total of 30 beds, the hospital is designed with super deluxe, single & multi-occupancy patient rooms, 2 operating theatres, 4 beds Intensive Care Unit and a Laboratory. We are experienced in offering the best medical services.


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