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The kidney is a very essential organ that is bestowed with the responsibility of regulating the fluids in the body. But unfortunately, there are many cases regarding the proper functioning of the kidney. These irregularities give rise to many complications and chronic diseases. The Kejriwal Stone Clinic provides you a great opportunity to diagnose and treat all your kidney-related issues. The Kejriwal Stone Clinic is acknowledged as a best-in-class hospital equipped with all the modern amenities. But before we move our focus to that, let us quite a few facts about the importance of kidneys and their regulation of water.

Latest treatment procedure at Kidney Hospital in Siliguri

A kidney is a key feature in the elimination of toxic substances from the body. Apart from these, it is also responsible to hold essential substances such as protein and glucose. It also controls the mineral content in the bloodstream and also keeps the blood pressure in a balanced form. Frequent checkups are an ideal way to keep your kidneys in check..

Things you should know about Kidney Diseases at Hospitals in Siliguri

A visit to the kidney hospitals in Siliguri can make you well aware of the different types of diseases associated with the kidney. A thorough diagnosis can help you to detect the condition of your kidney and make it at the earliest instance. Dialysis is the most preferred process that is used as a replacement for the kidney as the proper filtration process. These are the different types of diseases-

Chronic kidney disease

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Chronic kidney diseases are the most common type that is found in many cases. High blood pressure is the main cause for the formation of this disease. The sudden increase in blood pressure attacks the glomeruli which are responsible for cleansing the blood. In such a condition, the patient must go for the dialysis process in order to remove the extra amount of blood.

Kidney Stones

Kidney Hospital in Siliguri

Kidney stones are very much well-known in our country. Under this condition, large molecules present in the bloodstream are unable to get filtered. Over time, these large molecules get accumulated as stones and cause much distress and pain in the filtration process. So it is important to eliminate such stones in order to restore the normal functioning of the kidney. Kidney hospital in Siliguri has some of the best measures and treatments to counter this situation and take necessary actions.


This is a condition that severely affects the glomerular part of the nephron. This is mainly caused due to the inflammation or infection present in the blood vessels that directly enter into the glomerulus. It is highly treated and can even be prevented by drinking water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Urinary tract infections

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Urinary tracts are largely observed when there is any kind of bacterial infections in the bladder and urethra. Kidney hospital in Siliguri has the right approach to cure such difficulties with ease and conviction. But prevention should be taken through frequent diagnosis if any indication is observed.

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Kejriwal stone clinic is a premier kidney hospital in Siliguri and always strives to offer high-quality medical care. Our hospital comprises 30 beds that are divided into super deluxe, single & multi-occupancy patient rooms. We also have 2 operating theatres along with 4 beds of an Intensive Care Unit and a Laboratory. Our strength is that we can provide world-class services at affordable pricing.

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