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Best Urologist In Siliguri To Recover Kidney Disease

Urology is defined as a health care section that mainly focuses on diseases involving the male and female tract. An urologist is a person who has expertise in treating diseases caused in the urinary tract of both the genders. A patient should look forward to a vastly experienced and trained urologist in order to recover from their condition.

A patient usually visits an urologist if they experience any complaints in the bladder, urethra, kidneys, ureters, and adrenal glands. After a thorough diagnosis, an urologist may also perform surgeries in complicated cases. It is always advised to take proper care of the health problems associated with these body parts. This is mainly because these diseases are very common and thus taking care of the urologic health becomes of utmost importance.

When To See Your Top Urologist?

You must immediately consult an urologist if you experience any of these abnormal conditions such as-

  • 1. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) - These are a very common disease in a women’s bladder or urethra that causes serious consequences in the kidney
  • 2. Male infertility - This is majorly caused due to the low production of sperm or blocks in the proper delivery of the sperm.
  • 3. Kidney disease - This is mainly related to any abnormal functioning of the kidney causing rise to several complications.
  • 4. Renal transplantation - This is mainly done by patients who are suffering from severe renal diseases.
  • 5. Urologic oncology - This mainly involves treating cancer in the urinary tract of both males and females.
  • 6. Enlarged prostate - This is a very severe condition that causes pain and difficulty while urinating.
  • 7. Bladder prolapse - This a very serious condition in which the bladder gets bulged out into the vagina.
  • 8. Incontinence - In simple terms, it can be termed as a loss of control of urine.
  • 9. Kidney and urethral stones - Stones are just a huge accumulated mass of unfiltered large-sized waste that causes disruption in the filtration process.
  • 10. Prostatitis - It mainly produces seminal fluid
  • 11. Urethral stricture - It normally causes restriction of the flow of urine.

Consult Your Urologist Doctor Today

Kejriwal Nursing Home is a highly recognized name that comprises some of the best urologists in Siliguri.

Dr. N.K Kejriwal (M.S. (BHU) M.ch (UROLOGY) PGI, Chandigarh) is a highly recognized urologist in Siliguri. His expertises in treating patients with urological issues have garnered him a strong recommendation from his past patients. All these patients have been hugely benefited from complicated situations through his services.

Apart from his academics and experience Dr. N.K. Kejriwal can also be easily contacted. For booking-related issues, you must get in touch with Kejriwal Stone Clinic. Our clinic is equipped with some of the best and modern technologies and best-in-class facilities. Our only objective is to provide our patients with a comfortable stay and a warming experience.

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