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Kejriwal Stone Clinic is considered to be the best dialysis centre in Siliguri as the advanced and effective methods work over the failed and damaged kidneys that face difficulty in eliminating the waste and unwanted water from the blood. Dialysis can be better explained as the process that substitutes the natural work of the kidney and sometimes known as renal replacement therapy. We all know that fact that our kidneys are capable of removing the wastes and toxic elements from the body by proper filtration of blood and carries several minerals and substances that are not good enough for the healthy body function.

Advacned Dialysis Centre in Siliguri

So, when the doctor examines the kidney function and comes to the point that the body lost 85 to 90 per cent of the kidney function, then recommend the candidate to go for dialysis. Dialysis prevents the toxic and waste elements from the blood just like the kidney when the organ fails to do so naturally. Such cause be chronic or a long-term disease so to prevent the body from kind of risk or misfortune, visiting a dialysis centre in Siliguri is important and a bit essential. Our centre provides different types of dialysis and helps patients to stay away from serious consequences.

Types of Dialysis found in the Dialysis centre in Siliguri

Intermittent Hemodialysis

Intermittent Hemodialysis Treatment

One of the most common types of dialysis that is used to circulate the blood outside the body through a machine using special filters. Flexible tube known as a catheter is used to take out the blood from the patient by inserting the tube into the vein. The dialysis procedure is initiated to filter the blood by removing all the wastes toxic products from the blood and again the filtered blood is inserted back to the body to make the process successful. The system deserves surgery to enlarge the blood vessel so that the catheters will insert easily into the vein. Sometimes the process is also executed inside the home but to make the system comfortable and justified, it is better to attend sessions at the dialysis centre in Siliguri. Hemodialysis treatment is done three times a week depending upon the improvement in the body.

Peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis Treatment

Though Peritoneal dialysis is less efficient than hemodialysis, but still this method is followed to give more freedom to the patients as the process can be applied by staying at home with minimum specialized equipment. Even in this process, the elimination of waste product is done through ultrafiltration through osmosis. Here, the dialysis is executed by a sterile dialysate solution along with minerals and glucose. The elements are inserted through a tube into the abdominal body. The tube passes through the peritoneal cavity and reaches the point that surrounds the intestine. The procedure is executed by the semi-permeable membrane to filter waste product from the blood. Dialysis centre in Siliguri maintains effectiveness to complete the dialysis where the outcome is drained and discharged through a tube and advises the patient to go through the prescribed medication.

Kejriwal Stone Clinic maintain the procedures under the guidance of experienced doctors and suggest different types of dialysis for different cases. Continuous renal replacement therapy and temporary dialysis are also initiated during some special cases but generally, hemodialysis is the common way of removing the waste product artificially from the patient's body.

Pre-Dialysis Precautions

Precaution is better than cure and when you are going for dialysis then it is better to take some pre-dialysis precautions. It can be done by focusing on the food intake that possibly prevents the excess of wastes and fluid from the body and also helps the body achieve the desired body size. The existing kidney function can be improved by taking some of the important measures recommended by the kidney doctors.

Eating habit to follow before dialysis

Try to consume less protein intake during the early stages of chronic kidney diseases. Eating excessive protein leads to overworked kidneys which might cause damage. Likewise, it is better to lower down the percentage of sodium because sodium is found commonly in processed foods. The doctor also suggests to restrict salt and potassium intake from the diet to keep the kidney function secure before the dialysis.

Visiting the dialysis centre in Siliguri at the right time is always a good decision for you and your kidneys. Proper dialysis and adequate treatments can bring effective and healthy kidney functions instead of welcoming pain or failure.


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