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The Best Dialysis Centre in Siliguri - Equipped With Modern Facilities

Kejriwal Stone Clinic is acknowledged as the best dialysis centre in Siliguri that is equipped with all the modern amenities. We have an experienced team of doctors, staff, and management that can reassure you of a proper treatment experience. Treating failed kidneys are very important as they are the main organ for the filtration process. For this, the dialysis method is the perfect replacement of it as they perform all the natural work of it. It is the perfect procedure to again restore balanced filtration in order to gain a healthy body.

Best Dialysis Centre in Siliguri

Dialysis is mostly recommended by doctors when the kidney is severely damaged or unable to perform 90% of its function. Dialysis is majorly used as an alternative for a natural kidney as it performs the same function as a dialyzer. So, frequent checkups are very essential for the maintenance of a healthy body. The Kejriwal Stone Clinic provides different dialysis to prevent patients from grave situations.

Types of Dialysis found in the Dialysis centre in Siliguri

Intermittent Hemodialysis

Dialysis Centre in Siliguri

This dialysis procedure is quite popular with respect to the other. In this process, the blood is circulated from an external source. This source involves a machine and special filters. A catheter is used to channel the blood in and out of the body. It is mostly inserted through a vein from which the blood is taken out from the patient. Then it is allowed to pass through the dialyzer where it is purified and again inserted into the body. The system is basically done on a dialysis centre in Siliguri to ensure proper safety measures

Peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis Treatment in siliguri

Peritoneal dialysis is not as famous as haemodialysis. But still, it is used by many patients for artificial purification of blood. In this process, all the waste materials are removed through an ultrafiltration process. This process is conducted through osmosis. For the dialysis process, sterile dialysate solution is combined with mineral and glucose. All the mentioned elements are then inserted through the abdominal body till it reaches the peritoneal membrane. This membrane is responsible for filtering waste products from the blood. The dialysis centre in Siliguri has taken all the considerable measures to ensure a proper outcome of the process. Later the patient is also provided with medications and preventive measures too.

Kejriwal Stone Clinic has some of the best doctors that can provide you with all the necessary guidance to deal with such a situation. Judging from the seriousness of the case, the type of dialysis can be advised. But in most cases, hemodialysis is treated as the most effective way to eliminate all the waste artificially.

Pre-Dialysis Precautions

Precaution always remains the epitome for preventive measures against any disease. There are numerous ways by which it can be achieved. Some of these include following a healthy diet and lifestyle, proper intake of water to name a few. Similarly, kidney function can be improved by following a diet with the absence of salt and potassium. Consumption of too much protein is also not advised. You can also follow a strict routine of going for frequent checkups in a dialysis centre in Siliguri. This can be very fruitful if you consider healthy monitoring of your kidney.

Dialysis Centre in Siliguri

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