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Care your Kidneys with the best Nursing Home in Siliguri

Kejriwal Stone Clinic gives you the chance to stay away from the risk factor that develops with kidney diseases. We are a popular nursing home in Siliguri that care for your kidney and provide advanced treatment procedure and medication to keep the kidney safe from infection and failure. The doctor claim that people with diabetes have e higher risk of kidney diseases and need extra care during the treatment. No worries you can get the best treatment for the elderly people in your family with proper diagnosis and tests.

Nursing Home in Siliguri providing best kidney treatment

Patients with high blood pressure and diabetes are observed under special care in our nursing home. At first, the symptoms are critically examined under special supervision. Once the doctor found that the patient is suffering from nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling pain during the passing of urine, anaemia, decrease in sex drive, the sudden rise of potassium level, and inflammation of the pericardium or any of these symptoms, then they diagnosed the issue and take them away from the risk factor genuinely.

Facilities Provided by the Best Nursing Home in Siliguri

Kejriwal Stone Clinic provide the best services in the city by providing on-call facilities of doctors by assuring the best treatment procedures with Urology, Nephrology, Gynaecology, Dermatology, General Surgery, and Pediatric Vaccination. But the main focus is given towards the treatment of the kidney. Some of the advanced and effective machines are used to make the treatment successful. The latest technique of treating kidney stones with laser can lower risk and give innumerable advantages.

Facilities provided by Nursing Home in Siliguri

In some of the cases, Lithotripter is used to view the small stones in the kidney to find the exact location with the finest resource of medical science and the procedure is called Lithotripsy. On the other hand, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy or PCNL procedure is used over patients with large kidney stones. High professional doctors are appointed at the nursing home in Siliguri to keep the transparency and quality of the treatment by keeping the patient safe. Uretero-renoscopy, Cystoscopy, RGP, Double J-Stenting, Kidney Biopsy, Dialysis, State of Art ICU, Modular Operation Theatres, and Digital X-Ray are used to make the treatment easy and justified for maintaining the best healthcare.

How is Kidney disease treated?

Kejriwal Stone Clinic comes with the effective ways of treating the kidney diseases where the focus is given on the cause of the diseases before implementing the treatment procedures. The doctors at the first stage start the treatment with the underlying causes by managing the blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level. Once they balance the key factors the focus is given on the next level of treatment. The nursing home in Siliguri uses one or more procedures to treat kidney diseases.

Drugs and Medication

Drugs and Medication for Kidney Treatment

The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication from the pharmacy and examine the result with the thorough check-up. Medicines like angiotensin-converting enzyme and angiotensin receptor blockers are used to control the blood pressure in the body and also prescribe some other medicines even if the patient doesn't have high blood pressure. Once they will analyze the reports by confirming that the blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol are in the marginal level, they will execute the further process. The main focus is given towards the improvement of health by keeping the patients on the safe side. The nursing home in Siliguri maintains clean ambience and hygiene while implementing the treatment process.

Change in the Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and Lifestyle for Kidney Treatment

Staying healthy is always important to fight with the challenges of life and the same principle is applied during the phase of kidney diseases. It is important to drink plenty of water to reduce dehydration and to increase the blood flow which in turn prevent the damages inside the body. Quitting smoking and reducing the consumption of alcohol can help you to improve the kidney function as alcohol increases the blood pressure and excessive smoking reduces blood flow to your kidney. Eating a heart-healthy diet that is low in sugar and cholesterol can be a good choice. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and foods high in fibre can help you to prevent overweight which in turn proves to be beneficial for your Kidney.

Try to make small changes by reducing the intake of salt and doing regular exercises to keep the body fit and active. The nursing home in Siliguri allows you to take necessary information about kidney diseases and finding ways to treat them both naturally and scientifically.

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