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Our body goes through several complications and issues throughout our life span. Many of them need medical attention for minimizing their outcome and some of them are not as serious as others. To have safe and secure health, you need proper guidance and medical assistance from experienced doctors and professionals.

Nursing Home in Siliguri providing best kidney treatment

Urinal health is something that causes many difficulties in our system. And thus doctors especially urologists suggest that if any symptoms arise, even if it is minor, you should not waste any more time before making an appointment with a specialist doctor. Early diagnosis is essential to start your treatment procedure in Kejriwal Clinic, the best hospital in Siliguri. The earlier you arrive, the higher chance of preventing the issue to spread.

Like other important organs, our urinary health is massively important for keeping a healthy system as well. To ensure the finest treatment, you have to take consultation from the best clinic that Siliguri offers and Kejriwal clinic offers every necessary arrangement for a wholehearted treatment experience for the patient.

Here, we have acquired doctors to not only treat urinal issues but other health departments like

  • Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • General Surgery
  • Dermatology

For obtaining the best-in-class treatment for Urinal and Nephro issues and complications, you should consult the finest doctors of Kejriwal Nursing Home. The treatment procedures that our clinic offers our students are briefly described below -

Facilities provided by Nursing Home in Siliguri


It is the medical department in which doctors treat patients suffering from complications related to the male and female urinary tract system. The department deals with both medical as well as the surgical side of things. A few of the procedures are mentioned here -


Nephrology is the medical department in which doctors diagnose, treat several acute and chronic kidney diseases and complications. Patients with any behavioural changes regarding their urination routine should consult a nephrologist in a hospital in Siliguri without further ado.

When kidneys cannot work their functionalities properly, the patient needs assistance from an external procedure named dialysis to purify the blood and do the regular kidney operations. Several minor and major levels of dialysis take place in Kejriwal Nursing Home to ensure a convenient treatment procedure for our patients. Services like chronic peritoneal dialysis care, dialysis transplant services, kidney transplantation, haemodialysis etc. Our hospital houses state-of-the-art facilities for a secured and accurate treatment proceeding and to ensure our patients recover in the shortest timeframe and return to their houses fully recovered and delighted by the service received at our hospital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to contact our helpline first or come directly to the hospital and enquire in the reception area. They will guide you to the respective department by seeing your medical history.

For each patient, one visitor is allowed at a time. And depending upon the time they are willing to visit, the family members will get the opportunity to meet with the patient within the allotted period.

We accept all kinds of payment procedures in our hospital for your convenience.

No, fresh and healthy foods are given accordingly to the patient’s requirement from our side.

You can get all the details regarding the treatment procedure from the doctors.