Dialysis Tips During COVID-19

Dialysis Tips During COVID-19



Given to the current scenario of medical, social and economic crisis, the entire world is facing the downfall in all the fields. The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is the epidemic that the world had not seen in a while. However, a major relief by the guidelines, instructions and execution of the emergencies has been displayed by the government, doctors and everyone who is contributing their bit for a solution to this pandemic. In the present day, the biggest solution is isolation. As per the demand of the prevention of this fast spreading capacity of coronavirus, social distancing and avoiding too much contact is the best and only way to curb this major problem. Therefore, the lockdown phase is a necessity. World Health Organization (WHO) states that if the social distancing is not practiced, it can lead to complications and as a part of the complexities, the kidney, heart and lung damage has the highest possibilities. According to a dialysis centre in Siliguri, those with an on-going kidney problem must be extra careful and strictly abide by the quarantine policy.

Why should a dialysis patient take extra care?

The extra care is to be given to those, who suffer from kidney damage or are going through the dialysis treatment is quite justifiable as their body’s immune system is already fighting against one ailment which makes their case no only delicate, but also makes their body more prone to infections. The kidneys perform a major body function and filters the toxic substances, excess salts, other waste materials from the blood and passes it out through the urine. In any case of getting infected from the now spreading virus, it might create clots in their blood and the immune system’s difficult response to carry on its purpose. In addition, those who have the problem of kidney failure or damage, they have to go on a dialysis, which is a process that works as a dummy kidney and does all that function. Therefore, the delicate nature of the dialysis patient is not a direct factor that gets affected but there are probable risks of so. Prevention is better than any doubt.

Tips during this COVID-19 outbreak

The best dialysis centre in Siliguri jots down some useful tips that could help a person going through dialysis in these times of COVID-19.

  • Firstly, you must stick to the rules of lockdown without any fail, the government has provided access to the essential services. Therefore, you need not worry about the medicines.
  • Even if you can buy medicines, stock up everything you need. The less you and your family go out, the sooner the rates will come under control.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor and in case of any emergencies, you can call and infer.

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