Guidelines For The Diabetic Ones During COVID-19 Outbreak

Guidelines For The Diabetic Ones During COVID-19 Outbreak


Are you a diabetic? According to the best kidney hospital in Siliguri, a person who is dealing with diabetes must be extra careful. Because your immune system is any fighting from an ailment, the COVID-19 could possibly out you at a high-risk. However, you no need to worry, as with the normal precautionary measures, you can refrain yourself from the infection. The spread of highly-contagious COVID-19 has created a scare in everybody. If you are worried and especially if you are a diabetes patient, this blog will definitely bring you some relief.

Be it a diabetic or non-diabetic, coronavirus can only be prevented by the keeping a distance from infected people, washing you hands frequently and not touching your nose, mouth or eyes before sanitizing as you come from outside.

What should the diabetic do?

According to the best kidney hospital in Siliguri, those who are suffering from diabetes must self-isolate them as social distancing can help them from not catching the virus. This is the best way. Keeping away from crowded places and maintaining a good hygiene even while home brings down the chances of infections to an extreme level. You must consult your doctor from home if your have any diabetes related problems. Stock up your medications and advice the people near you stay completely sanitized.

If you sick and dealing with the pandemic stress and anxiety, you must not panic. There is a lot of help you could take from home. Although if you stay under the right precautions, you need not worry about the infection. So do not look at statistics and exaggerated information about natural remedies. There are many people spreading rumours about various superstitions and these are causing a greater scare and confusion. If you have any doubt, you can take professional help.

Take care of your diabetes in the quarantine period

In the lockdown phase, your diabetic health and regular check-up can be affected. The good news is that by the help of the best hospital in Siliguri, you can keep a track of your blood glucose and overall health. There are many ways to keep checking your diabetic health balanced. Stay in touch with your doctor. Here is a list of things you could do.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Keep checking your blood glucose
  • Always keep a track of your body temperature
  • Check your ketone if you are on insulin
  • Lastly keep in touch with your doctor

Take care, stay home and do not panic during this time of crisis. You can keep up with your health and diabetes even in home. Eat heathy and fresh foods. There are many exercises that you can do at home beneficial for your diabetes.

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