Having Blood in Urine? Find Out What Causing It

Having Blood in Urine? Find Out What Causing It


Urination is the most common procedure to eliminate all the waste elements from the body in liquid form. The process is highly essential to keep the body maintained in a healthy condition otherwise it can give rise to other complications. But in certain cases, the occurrence of blood along with the urine is observed which can be caused by multiple reasons. Urologists in Siliguri always advise patients to come for an early checkup if they see the regular occurrence of blood in their urine so that early measures can be taken in this condition.

     This article showcases all the possible causes that are associated with the sudden occurrence of blood in the urine stream along with a short description of where you can find the best urologists in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. What are the major causes of blood in urine?

2. What doctors can do in this situation?

3. Kejriwals Nursing Home

4. Conclusion

What are the major causes of blood in urine?

There are multiple causes associated with blood in the urine. Some of these are as follows-

1. Urinary Tract Infection

In urinary tract infection, the bacteria get in into the bladder through the urethra and then continue to multiply. The major symptoms associated with this situation are frequent urge to urinate, pain while urinating along with the foul smell. The bacteria can also move towards the kidney and also cause kidney infection which can have similar bladder infection symptoms but with fever and flank pain.

2. Presence of stone in bladder or kidney

The mineral present in the urine becomes crystal and later takes the form of small hard stones. The presence of these stones remains unknown unless they cause any kind of blockage or pain. While suffering through pain a patient can experience traces of blood in its urine.

3. Prostate Enlargement

A sudden enlargement in the prostate can cause a lot of difficulty in urination as it compresses the urethra. Under this condition, you can have a microscopic or visible stream of blood in your urine.

4. Cancer

Advanced stages of cancer in the kidney, prostate, or bladder can result in visible streams of blood in the urine.

5. Injury

Any fatal injuries in the kidney or bladder can also cause the visibility of blood in the stream.

What doctors can do in this situation?

The first thing the doctor can do is to run several tests to determine the cause and stage of the condition. Several diagnostic processes such as a physical exam, urine test, imaging tests, and Cystoscopy to name a few is carried around. After getting to a justifiable conclusion certain antibiotics or drugs that can reduce the size of the prostate are prescribed. Even shock therapies can also be included to break up the stones in the bladder and kidney.

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Blood in the urine may become a serious problem in the future so you must consult a specialist at the earliest indication.

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