Life Before and After Dialysis Begins

Life Before and After Dialysis Begins


Our Kidneys are one of the most vital organs that are required for the overall well being of the body. The main function of the kidney is to filter out all the fluid present in the body and eliminate all the waste substances in the form of urine. The importance of kidney can be well explained that the body with improper functioning of kidneys or damaged kidneys may suffer from severe diseases as most of the waste materials are not eliminated from the body. Dialysis is the best process that is used to carry out the filtration in the body in lieu of damaged kidneys. The advanced dialysis centres in Siliguri provides best in class services to their patients with the help of modern technological equipment.

          This article showcases the proper aspects of how life can be changed with the addition of dialysis procedures in your daily routine along with a short description of a place that is credited as the best dialysis center in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. What is dialysis?

2. Different types of the dialysis process

3. Condition before and after dialysis begins

4. Kejriwals Nursing Home

5. Conclusion

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a process that is used to filtrate out blood and other kinds of fluid present in the body with the help of a medical device.

        The assistance of dialysis is taken when both the kidneys have completely failed or not able to perform the required filtration process.

Different types of the dialysis process

The dialysis process can be classified into two categories

1. Hemodialysis

This is the most common form of dialysis that is observed in many clinics. In this process, the filtration is done through artificial means.  An artificial kidney is used to filter all the blood and fluid and again later the filtered fluids are processed back to the body through a machine.

2. Peritoneal dialysis

This is a much more surgical approach; here a peritoneal dialysis catheter is finely placed inside the abdomen and later helps in the filtration process with the assistance of dialysate that absorbs and throws out the waste.

Condition before and after dialysis begins


The patient suffers from the improper functioning of the kidney and goes for consultation with the doctor. After a few tests and a screening process, the doctor concludes the report of kidney failure and asks the patient to opt for dialysis. Now, before the dialysis process, the patient is comforted and asked for his final opinion. After the positive signals, the treatment starts and implants are placed in his body to help in the filtration of the bloodstream.


The dialysis is a continuous process and can generate side effects but can be kept in control with modifications in diet. After a successful dialysis procedure, the patients are advised not to consume any kind of drugs or alcohol.

Kejriwals Nursing Home

Our hospital is recognized as the premier dialysis centre in Siliguri. We provide our patients with the best in class equipment, skilled doctors, and co-operative management.


Life drastically changes after the dialysis process and gives you the much-needed relief in the filtration process.

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