Manage a Healthy Kidney After Stone Removal

Manage a Healthy Kidney After Stone Removal


Kidney stones form a major obstruction in the proper filtration process of the removal of waste materials from the body. It is a very severe situation because irregular filtration in the body can be an open invitation to many severe complications in the body. Doctors who practice in several kidney hospitals in Siliguri often advise patients to come for quick checkups if they observe any difficulty in their filtration process or come across any symptoms that give conclusive evidence of the presence of kidney stones. The stones can be eliminated in both natural and surgical processes but our focus is more on the latter method of the removal process.

   This article showcases the certain ways by which you can keep your kidney healthy after a successful stone removal process along with a short description of the best kidney hospital in Siliguri.

Table of Content: 

1. Kidney Stones

2. How you should manage the health of your kidney after a successful kidney stone removal?

3. Kejriwal Nursing Home

4. Conclusion

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones in simple terms can be defines as an accumulation of large-sized waste that cannot be properly filtered by the kidney. There are multiple reasons for the cause of kidney stones some of these include family history, the prior formation of stones in the past, an unbalanced diet that has high protein or sodium intake, increased weight to name a few. The most common symptoms of this condition are frequent pain and blood in urine, vomiting or nausea, pain in the abdomen, etc.

      There are major two treatments adopted for the successful removal of kidney stones from the body. These are lithotripsy and ureteroscopy where one uses a shock wave to break the stones into smaller fragments and the other is a surgical approach.

How you should manage the health of your kidney after a successful kidney stone removal?

There is a number of ways that can be used as a proper approach towards managing the health of your kidney after a successful kidney stone removal. Some of these are as follows-

1. By drinking fluids at certain intervals can surely benefit you for a long time as it will help you to generate a good volume of urine and keep your kidney in a functioning state.

2. You should try to avoid foods or diets that are rich in oxalate content and replace them with regular dairy products. You must also avoid junk foods too.

3. You must also avoid a high intake of protein, salt, and Vitamin C too in order to ensure the healthy functioning of the kidney.

Kejriwal Nursing Home

We are a reputed kidney hospital in Siliguri that has a great team of vastly experienced and skilled doctors who can help patients to recover from complicated situations with ease and conviction. Our doctors are backed up by our advanced equipment and technology that can ensure any patient a complete recovery from their condition.


Precautions are very essential to get better results after the stone removal process.

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