Prevention and Symptoms of kidney disorders

Prevention and Symptoms of kidney disorders


Kidneys are important organs that help filter excess water and waste from the blood in our bodies by making urine. They also work in the removal of acids produced by the cells of the body and help maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals that include sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.


Kidney diseases and disorders negatively affect the kidney's ability to filter blood which can lead to the build-up of excess waste materials which can cause problems in the body. If you have any lasting symptoms of kidney diseases or disorders then it is recommended that you visit the best kidney hospital in Siliguri


Kidney diseases are common problems a person can experience and suffer from medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can increase your risk of getting kidney problems. Visiting a doctor is recommended when dealing with kidney diseases as if left unchecked it can lead to several complications including kidney failure.


Symptoms of kidney diseases can be hard to notice as different diseases and disorders can have different symptoms and some may not even show signs until the disease becomes chronic. Given below are some of the common signs and symptoms of kidney disorders to look out for:


  • Swelling of hands, legs, or feet – when kidneys don’t function well excess fluid and sodium in the body can cause swelling in hands, feet, or other parts which are known as edema.
  • Fatigue or weakness – caused by the accumulation of toxins
  • Decreased appetite – caused by the accumulation of acids, creatine, and more
  • High blood pressure – which can occur due to deterioration of kidney function
  • Urination problems – like blood or foam in the urine can happen due to the kidney diseases
  • Dry and itchy skin – is also a sign of advanced kidney disease and occurs due to the accumulation of toxins.


There are many ways to prevent or reduce the risk of suffering from a kidney disease most of which involve keeping the body healthy which in turn keeps the kidneys healthy. Given below are a few of the ways to keep the kidneys healthy:


  • Staying hydrated
  • Checking blood sugar levels regularly
  • Monitoring blood pressure levels regularly
  • Quitting smoking or other bad habits that can impact the health
  • Staying active with regular exercises
  • Getting tests
  • Maintaining an appropriate sodium diet
  • Maintaining healthy body weight


You can use these methods of prevention to decrease your risks of kidney diseases and if you have any symptoms that last for an abnormal amount of time then you can visit the best kidney hospital in SiliguriAs they can provide the best diagnosis and treatments to help cure and prevent these diseases.

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