Things you need to know about Kidney Stones

Things you need to know about Kidney Stones


The pain and problem associated with the kidney stone are unbearable and uncontrollable. A person with a kidney stone can feel the amount of pain otherwise it is difficult to express the painful journey through words. If you are lucky enough by enjoying life without the suffering of a kidney stone then you must be aware with symptoms and preventive measures of kidney stone to lead a better life or to guide others who are facing the problem.

 Long term damage of kidney and discomfort is connected with a kidney stone and here we come out with some of the unknown facts about kidney stones required for experiencing a healthy life. The nursing home in Siliguri opens up options for people for of removal of stones and keeping the sufferer away from the pain.

Things you must know about Kidney Stones

It's too common

Diet, lifestyle and some other factors are responsible for the increase of kidney stones in both men and women. A recent survey reveals that nearly 13% in men and 7% in women are facing the trouble of kidney stones. Expert says the percentage is increasing over time and dragging people into the problem. The chances of recurrence are 50% within five years and 80% within 10 years. So, you must be careful towards taking the preventive measures once you have stones inside the kidney.

Come in all shapes and sizes

The size and shapes of stones vary with the bonding of salts and other minerals present in the urine. Some stones appear as small whereas some appeared as hard crystals. Various size and shapes of the stone ultimately welcome pain and discomfort that need immediate consultation with the kidney doctor. The nursing home in Siliguri is suitable for treating those stones before it's too late.

Severe pain is associated with Kidney stones

Pain is directly associated with the stones inside the kidney. If the stone stays in the kidney then the pain is relatively less during the early stage. But in other cases, the stone passes through the urinary tract that welcomes more pain as the stone passes through the thin tube connected to the bladder. Sometimes the natural remedies help a person to pass the stone without surgery but sometimes doing the surgery is the only solution to get relief.

Commonly there are four types of Kidney stones

Calcium stones, uric acid stones, struvite stones, and cystine stones are the types of kidney stones that formed inside the kidney due to different reasons. Excessive intake of salt is one of the common reasons behind the formation of calcium stones that deals with abnormal metabolism, whereas uric acid stones are caused by the excessive intake of animal protein that welcomes inflammatory bowel diseases. Urinary tract infections produced by bacteria are the reason behind struvite stones and cystine stones are formed due to genetic kidney diseases.

Small kidney stones may cause no symptoms at all

You might not be aware that you are having kidney stones because there is no symptom associated after the formation of the stones. So, it is important to go for regular body check-up by visiting the nursing home in Siliguri. The size increases with the time and results in experiencing severe pain inside or back spreading the lower abdomen then you must consult with the doctor. Blood in the urine, painful urination, and sometimes fever are some of the common symptoms of having kidney stones.

Drinking plenty of water to hydrate the body and cutting down the amount of salt from your diet can be simple ways to prevent kidney stones. The nursing home in Siliguri provides experienced doctors to deal with your problems related to kidney stones and surgery.

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