Urinary Incontinence - Diagnosis & Treatment

Urinary Incontinence - Diagnosis & Treatment


Urinary incontinence is the uncontrolled leak of urine. It means a person passes urine when they do not want to. One loses control over the urinary sphincter. If you are looking for an urologist in Siliguri, you can pay a visit to Kejriwal Nursing home. They have a team of urologists who can help you.

Table of contents:

1. Diagnosis

2. Treatment

3. Lifestyle and home remedies

4. Kejriwal Nursing home


Primarily the doctor will do a thorough history and physical exam. Then he/she will likely recommend:

• Urinalysis: to check traces of infection, blood etc

• Bladder diary: For a few days you will be asked to record how much you drink, how much urine you produce and the number of incontinence episodes.

• Post void residual measurement: the doctor will check the amount of leftover urine in your bladder using a catheter or ultrasound test after you urinate


Treatment depends on the sort of incontinence, its severity and the underlying reason.

• Behavioral techniques

1. Delay urine after you get the urge

2. Double voiding

3. Scheduled toilet trips

4. Reduce liquid consumption

• Pelvic floor muscle exercises

• Medications                    

• Electric stimulation: Electrodes are momentarily inserted into your rectum or vagina to excite and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

• Medical devices: Devices designed to treat women with incontinence include urethral inserts and pessary.

• Intervention therapy:

1. A synthetic material is injected into tissue surrounding the urethra to help keep the urethra closed and reduce urine leakage.

2. Injections of Botox into the bladder muscle

3. Exciting the sacral nerves can manage overactive bladder and urge incontinence              

• Surgery

When all the other treatment fails to stop Urinary incontinence, doctors suggest the following surgeries depending on the requirement. Kejriwal nursing home has the best urologist in Siliguri who has handled critical cases with success.

1. Sling procedures

2. Bladder neck suspension

3. Prolapsed surgery

4. Artificial urinary sphincter.

• Absorbent pads and catheters

If medical treatments can't eradicate your incontinence, you may try products that help ease the uneasiness of leaking urine. You can use the following products.

1. Pads and protective garments

2. Catheter

Kejriwal Nursing home

B Kejriwal Stone Clinic & Kidney Care Centre offers premium quality medicare to patients suffering from kidney issues. Their 30 bedded super speciality hospital has the best urologist in Siliguri. With high ethical standards and quality care, they take special care to see that they are being ethical enough in dealing with their patients.

To avoid urinary and incontinence, one must drink plenty of liquids, eat a high-fibre diet, exercise regularly, develop good toilet habits and make healthy lifestyle choices.

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